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Before I came to peter I was a very shy person and I found it hard to be in a crowded place like a shopping centre. I found this was becoming a bigger problem for me and I was worried if this would stop me from making new friends at college. After having 7 sessions with peter I started to become a more confident and outgoing person. Now I have started college I have found it very easy to talk to new people and I have made a lot of new friends. I would defiantly recommend peter to anyone who is experiencing any types of problems.

Sophie, Bedfordshire 

Having developed a fear of heights was a bit of an inconvenience to a pilot and my hobby of flying to say the least and at the realisation I was going to give it up I thought i'd give you a go to see if you could help and indeed you did.  Over the 6 sessions not only have I managed to overcome my concerns and learn to ignore them or manage them, you've taught me how to relax more in general as well as when I go flying which I'm enjoying again.  Thanks for your help.

Stuart, Bedfordshire

I am a 16 year old boy who has always has social communication difficulties. I took my GCSE mock exams just before Xmas 2013, I enjoyed Xmas then when it came time to go back to school in January I felt overwhelmed by everything and very negative. I stopped playing and watching football and could not face going to school. I didn’t go to school at all in the half term after Xmas, my mum took me to the GP and I was referred for counselling, however there was a 3 month waiting list. We went to see Peter who helped me to see things in a more positive way and gave me techniques to use when I feel panicked and anxious.  I am back at school now and enjoying life and looking forward to the future whatever it holds for me.

J, Milton Keynes

As you know, because of the non-stop pain from my medical condition, combined with work-related stress, and pressures of caring for my elderly mum, my personal stress level had reached an unmanageable high, and my resilience level an unprecedented low.

I have long had an open mind about looking for sources of help for my pain management. Frankly, relaxation seemed to be little more than a memory for me for a long time, until we embarked on your therapy sessions.

Perhaps more importantly for me, I felt mentally and physically more able to cope with the other stressors in my life, and it gave me a template for how to start re-introducing some relaxation into my life on my own.

Martin, Barnet

I was having a problem trying to lose weight and I enlisted Peter's help. From my first consultation with him, I felt completely at ease and comfortable. I had approximately 10 hypnotherapy sessions and after each one I was confident we had made progress. With Peter's help,I managed to lose 22lbs in total. The relaxation techniques he taught me are still very useful and I often refer to them.
Furthermore, I am pleased to say that I have maintained my weight almost 2 years since my hypnotherapy sessions.

I would 100% recommend Peter to anyone who is struggling with weight loss or indeed any other problems.

Diane, Bedfordshire

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