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You will find many of the answers to commonly asked questions here but if there is something else you want to know contact me by phone or e-mail.

What is hypnotherapy? Is it safe?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that has existed for many years and is a completely safe and naturally occurring state. We all drop in and out of different states every day of our lives, from waking up in the morning to daydreaming and entering sleep at the end of the day. Perhaps you have driven along a route you are very familiar with and on arriving at your destination are surprised to find that you don't recall much of the journey. Even though in a deeply relaxed state you will always be in control and would not say or do anything that you would not normally do out of hypnosis. In fact many of my clients say that it was such a pleasant feeling they were reluctant to come out of the hypnotic state!

Is it always successful?

As with most things in life there can be no cast iron guarantees but where someone is willing to engage with the process, outcomes can be very beneficial.

How many sessions will I need?

That's a difficult one to pin down because our problems are as specific to us as we are unique as individuals. Once I see you, listen to what you have to say and get a feel for what is going on for you personally I will be able to provide a much clearer picture. However as a general guideline (with the exception of smoking) I would suggest 3-6 sessions as a starting point. You may need more or less than this but I would anticipate that you could expect to notice changes from the initial appointment. I can advise but ultimately it is you who will decide how much progress you have made and the extent to which you feel beneficial changes have taken place.

Can I be hypnotised?

If you want to be, yes. Almost everybody can be hypnotised, as mentioned in the first FAQ we are all capable of entering an altered state of consciousness or 'hypnotic' state. Those who are able to relax easily and use their imagination tend to make the best hypnotic subjects. Of course we all can relax and imagine- it may just take a little longer for some than others but it is definitely available to practically everyone.

What about confidentiality?

I operate in accordance with the GHR ethical guidelines and so our conversations will remain private between us. The only exceptions to this are where I am required to divulge information by law e.g. by order of the court/some criminal offences or where I believe the client or another person will be harmed.

Where are you located?

I use a private consultation room in Dunstable Town Centre at Wentworth House, 83 High Street North, LU6 1JJ.  The nearest public car park is just a short distance away in Regent Street and parking is also available at Dunstable Leisure Centre and ASDA.

Can I see you in my own home?

Yes, home visits can be arranged (standard session fee plus mileage depending on where you live).

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If for any reason you cannot make a session please give at least 24 hours notice otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged.

How long does it last?

Sessions last for approximately one hour.

Can hypnotherapy help me to stop smoking?

The benefits of not smoking are well known but stopping can be tough! However it can be done and hypnosis really can be the difference that makes the difference. I smoked everyday for over a decade so can really appreciate what it takes to kick the habit. Hypnosis helped me and it could be just what you need to become an ex-smoker (by the way I have been cigarette free for over twenty years).

What is past life regression?

Hypnosis provides a doorway to who we may have been in a previous life. You may be simply curious about earlier lives or perhaps there is something in this lifetime that troubles you that could have its roots in a past life. The therapist works to help you to uncover those roots, removing the past from the present and releasing its influence on your life today. Other theories suggest what is recalled is fantasy and the historical information given is a collection of forgotten memories woven into a story or the brain providing a solution to a problem by way of metaphorical representation. Whatever the case, it is an intriguing phenomenon and I believe may have significant potential as a therapeutic intervention.

Is there a difference between hypnosis for entertainment and hypnotherapy?

Yes. Although stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists utilise the power of hypnosis it is used for different reasons. In common with other talking therapies a hypnotherapist works in a respectful, confidential and therapeutic way to help clients overcome a variety of personal issues.